GPS2PILOT2PC 1.0▀ !!!


GPS38Dominic Sexton (UK)
GPS12XLStefan Hintermeister (CH) R. Larrondo (AR)Mike Kory (US)
Marcio Marchini (CA)
Tim Hubbard
GPS45Otto Fischer (DE)Author (DE)
GPSIIIBrian Goldin (CA)
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Marcio Marchini wrote
I always forget to tell you - I like your icon, but not the app name. How about GPS-Clone or something like that ? By the way, there's another reason why your app is very useful. A GPS uses TTL voltages for communications, whereas a PC's RS232 doesn't. Fortunately lots of RS232's will "understand" TTL too, but not all. Mine doesn't, so I can't connect my GPS to my PC at home and have them "talk to each other". Fortunately the Pilot "understands" TTL and standard RS232. So I can use your app to clone my GPS data and then transfer to the PC ( I use Waypoint+). That's why I'd like to see it work with my GPS (12XL).
Masters voice:
  • You may use the combination of GPS2PILOT2PC -> GARDONB -> GPSS
  • Connect your Pilot to your GPS and select REQUEST TRACK on it. The GPS loads the Tracks from your Pilot !
  • Do you know that you could request the Pilot┤s time ?"